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What do these sprouts look like??

Hello. Does anyone know what these are? I planted lots and lots of morning glories, and cypress vines but I also used the soil from my pot of strawberries and tomatoes from last year. I just put th soil on top. Could my strawberries or tomatoes have planted, I didn't see any seeds in the soil. :/ does anyone know what these look like?
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Re: What do these sprouts look like??

Not morning glory, cypress vines, strawberry, or tomato. Ha I actually can recognize them all.

These look like common weeds -- though it's possible they are something else.... I think they look like maybe speedwell. Was thinking the little one in the back could be chickweed but the true leaves look kind of furry... could be mouse ear chickweed. Haha I might be completely wrong. I'm mostly familiar with weeds common to Northeast and Mid-Atlantic.
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Re: What do these sprouts look like??

You never will see the weed seeds in the soil, but they are always there! :shock:
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