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Are my seeds done germinating?

I'm very new to this hobby. I recently cut open some blood oranges and lemons (favorite citrus, especially the blood oranges) and I pealed back the wax coat thing so now I have the actual seed. I germinated them from a couple guides I saw online with a paper towel and a plastic bag. I believe I did this 9 days ago. Today I checked and some of them have a little root/chute coming out of them. I'm not sure which. I'll post a picture though. The longest was ab out half an inch on a couple of them. I planted the seeds that had longer ones with the long thing down, (I'm assuming it's a root) in some miracle gro natural organic soil. I just want to make sure I am doing this right so I don't just ruin all the seeds I just germinated. Anyone know what to do after they get to this step? I'll post a picture of where most of my seeds are at now. This is the farthest step I know how to get to. I can't actually get them to create a plant.

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Well they are busy germinating and will grow. Place them fairly high up in the soil (don't cover too thickly). That is a root tip and the green coming out of the seed coat is the other end; the cotyledons are the first leaf-looking parts that will show and then you will get true leaves from between them. Just put them in good light in your potting soil and water from the bottom when it gets dry (don't over water) and they will grow into trees.

Be aware that they won't neccessarily produce fruit and if they do the fruit may not be true to type.

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