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Identifying Plants and Taking Cuttings

I am new to gardening and would to firstly like to identify some plants in my garden (see below). Following on from that task, I would like to take some cuttings from the plants for next season (or this) depending upon what advice I am given.

I am confused as to when cuttings should be taken and how long do I grow in a pot before planing out in the garden. I am sure I will OK once I have some guidance but at the moment, I am clueless.

All assistance will be most welcome.

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Re: Identifying Plants and Taking Cuttings

They are poppies. Poppies are ordinarily propagated by dividing. In the fall, when the leaves have died back, just dig up the whole plant. If your plant is big enough/ old enough to divide, you should be able to see obvious side plants with their own root ball. These can simply be detached and re-planted.

It doesn't have woody stems, so can't be propagated from leaf cuttings. You can propagate it from root cuttings, but it takes careful nurture. Dig up the plant and clip off a section of root 3-4 " long. Plant your root cutting in a flower pot full of damp potting soil. Cover the whole pot in a plastic baggie to hold the moisture in. Keep it out of direct sunlight and check every once in awhile to be sure the potting mix is staying damp (not soggy). Once it is putting up new growth above ground, take it out of the bag.
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