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How to Grow Ghost Chili Pepper from Seeds?


anyone have success with ghost chili pepper from seeds?

After 2 weeks, I have one seed that sprouted, 2 leaves about 2" length stem.
I am trying to get more seeds to sprout.

I'm using potting soil with small yogurt containers with drain holes on bottom.
I recently added little bit of fish fertilizer water to the soil. I wrap in a plastic bag and
leave it on the kitchen sink.

Since one seed sprouted, I got a small 5Watt led grow light from amazon.
Right now it the led light sits about 12" above the plants. Is this too soon for grow light?

It is much cooler right now and not much sun outdoors, hence indoors which is between
70-80deg. F night and day.

When there is sun, I move it to sunlight for few hours.

My main concern is how far should I keep the grow light from plants.
this is a small 5W bulb with red and blue leds. Not the higher power ones.

I plan to build a fixture so I can adjust the lamp height up and down.


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Re: How to Grow Ghost Chili Pepper from Seeds?

There's nothing like a heat mat to hasten germination of something like peppers I finally realized. (to help with that part of your question)

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Re: How to Grow Ghost Chili Pepper from Seeds?

Ghost peppers do not have great seed germination and they have fewer seeds per pod than other peppers. They need to be warm to germinate, they like it closer to 80 degrees for the best germination, 70 degrees is minimum. Once they are germinated you can hardened them off outside after about a month. I think a 5 w bulb is way too small. A flourescent fixture with 2-4 daylight bulbs or growlights are better. The light should be 4-6 inches above the top of the plants. The lights can also heat them up so a thermometer is a good idea to make sure they are in range. Once the plants are bigger they can be transitioned outside. Peppers don't germinate well in the cold but as long as it is not freezing they will be fine outdoors all of the time. In 50 degree weather peppers will grow very slow but they will grow. They produce best in full sun and around 70-90 degrees.
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