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Mixing seed mix with peat moss.

Can I mix seed starting mix with peat moss to increase the amount/volume. I'm already finished bag #2 of my promix seed starting. I really don't want to have to buy so many bags each year. If I can do this, what would the ratio be?

I have read that straight peat is a bad idea.

I have a short growing season. So I need to fill trays that are large enough to keep the seedling in for several weeks with out risking the seedling choking itselft out.


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I fill my cups 2/3 full with cheap potting mix and the top 1/3 with seed starting mix. It's worked out perfectly so far!

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I mix mine about 50/50 with peat moss. It seems to work okay for me.

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Peat moss is very moisture holding. I don't use seed starting mix at all, just regular potting mix. If I wanted to increase the volume, I would prefer to use something that helps drainage, like perlite, rice hulls, coarse sand, crushed rock, etc.

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