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Myrica Rubra / Chinese strawberries/ Waxberry

This seed was from some Myrica rubra fruits I was snacking on that a friend had brought over from China.
It was flash freezed before brought over.
I really love the fruit and its colour but its not available in Australia so I was wondering how to look after these seeds.
I have about 20 seeds, put them in soil indoors on a windowsill. Watering them everyday for the last 2 weeks.

Any tips please?

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Re: Myrica Rubra / Chinese strawberries/ Waxberry

Sorry you never got a response. It is not a common thing to try to grow from seed. What ever happened to yours?

I think the myrica probably needed cold stratification first. The "flash freezing" did not count. To cold stratify, you have to plant a seed in moist potting mix and then wrap the whole container in plastic wrap to hold the moisture in, then put the whole thing, container and all, in the fridge for six weeks or so.
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