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The Care And Feeding of Fall Brassica Seedlings

So I've started fall cabbage and cauliflower, as my average first frost date is just 12 weeks away. :( What I can't figure out is whether or not there's much difference in care of these seedlings from spring time. It would clearly benefit them to have real sunlight. My shop light sucks. OTOH, it's still probably going to be quite hot. How do you care for your fall brassica seedlings before it's time to transplant them? Oh, also... I have no A/C, so they're not going to be much cooler inside than out.

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Re: The Care And Feeding of Fall Brassica Seedlings

I start a ton of seeds under shop lights in my basement in late winter/ early spring.

Then I turn the lights off around the first of May and don't turn them back on. Anything I plant for fall, I just plant in the ground, since the ground is warm. Why run lights and a heat mat when the outdoors provides?

I will say my success rate is not as good that way - just because it is harder to provide as much pampering, to be sure they stay damp but not too wet, don't get overtaken by weeds, or eaten, etc. But some always make it.

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Re: The Care And Feeding of Fall Brassica Seedlings

It is hard for me to imagine it would be too hot outside in Ontario. I live in Hawaii and I will start my seeds early in August. It is probably the hottest time of the year here up in the 90's and I still start them outdoors on my bench in the sun.

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