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Starting seeds in planters all summer.

Every week I set out several 3 to 5 gallon planters with strained dirt and start several seeds. Today I started zucchini in a 4 gallon planter. The top is about 15 inches round. I fill the bottom with Styrofoam pieces and cover it with any thing I have on hand like leaves compost or shredded paper. the Styrofoam makes the containers lighter and easy to move.
I put about a dozen seeds and after they get the first set on new leaves I trans plant them. With a big planted I sometimes leave one plant to stay in the planter. With cucumbers I will leave sever to grow with something to climb on. Runner beans are great in planters. I start the seeds all summer and when I get a new spot in the garden I have a replacement that is 10 days or more old! you would be surprised what you can grow in planters and have better control over them! I also like to place a half dozen worms in each planter on top of the leaves or paper. Old straw is great for the bottom over the Styrofoam! I also mix the top 2 inches of strained soil with mushroom compost or sand.

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it is a common practice to use styrofoam in potting orchids too. It reduces the weight of the pot and the amount of media used. In fact some orchids do better with no medial just large syrofoam blocks to wedge the plant and keep it from moving.

The only thing you have to remember is to make sure the pieces are loosely fitted. If they are too tight, the water can't get around them well.

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