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Nice Herb Planting Guide

Hi all. I'm big into growing herbs and found the page below to be very helpful and though it might be for others also.I spend a lot of time looking on line for stuff about herbs and this is one of the better, more comprehensive herb planting guides I've found. Also, it can be coped and pasted into excel with just minor tweeking.

Not affiliated with the site (or much really) in any way.

It has very large variety of herb types and generally for each -
Common Name
Botanical Name
Annual or Perennial
Part(s) of herb valued
When to sow
Sowing temperatures
Days to germinate
To cover or not to cover the seed
How much sun
Additional info


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Re: Nice Herb Planting Guide

I love Fedco's information pages. They are well thought out/written and very useful. -- Sometimes have to adjust for the difference in their Maine climate. I like to buy seeds for winter hardy perennials and cool summer tolerant early maturing varieties from them. I bought melon and eggplant seeds.

I hadn't seen their herb page before. I shall have to go take a look. 8)

Since you are in California/west coast, you may want to check out Horizon Herb's information pages, too.

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Re: Nice Herb Planting Guide

Very good information. Thank you for posting.

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Re: Nice Herb Planting Guide

Wow, that's perfect, I was just thinking I should figure out what herbs I want to start inside, and what I should take my chances on direct sowing into the garden. Thanks.

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