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How Do You Harden Plants With a Fulltime Job

Based on some of the replies it seems some folks are retired/work at home/etc.
I understand it's best to put outside for a little while in the sun and then move to the shade.
Then increase the hours each day in the sun. I can only do that on a weekend.

So I am interested in how u harden your plants working daytime away from home.

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I do it by changing the protection levels not the hours.

My deck gets mostly morning and a little early afternoon sun. It has a long plant bench. When I first bring things out, I put them UNDER the plant bench, where they are protected from wind and direct sun. Bring them back in, in the evening when I get home from work. After they are used to that, they can be out from under, but next to the house, where they still get wind protection and some direct sun, but fewer hours. Then they are gradually moved away from the house to less and less protected sites, with more hours of sun. Eventually they come down from the deck to closer to full sun areas.

So they go out in the morning before work (weather permitting) and come in in the evening after work. But the amount of sun/ wind exposure they get is controlled by where they are located.

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I'm just here for the comments.

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I know what you are saying. I worked 12 hour shifts so I left in the dark and came home in the dark. I did not work 5 days so I could actually put things out, but they still burned.

I found the best thing to do if you have the opportunity is to:

If you are moving the location of an outdoor plant, move it in the fall or winter when the sun is not as strong

Wait for cloudy days.

Move the plant out and use screens and shade cloth reducing the shade gradually.

Let it burn and hope for the best.

Start it in the place it is going to be to start with. I know those of you who have to sow indoors because of your short seasons cannot do this one.

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Put a plastic drop-cloth over three sides of a picnic or card table. Leave one side open. Start it on a cloudy day. and water it morning and night on sunny days.

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