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Peat, coir and whatever mix

There are peat pellets, coir pellets, coir blocks and all the mixes bagged and homemade. Everyone finds a comfort zone.

I use peat pellets in the small (10-12 per) tray. As I have many varieties starting in a micro area, and with small trays can move each as needed. I tried the coir pellets, and was thinking something was wrong with me. Then realized the medium! I even tried half/half in one tray and that did it. The seeds in coir may sprout, but just didn't 'do'. For itty bitty seeds try to water from bottom, others much more casual. I remind myself that if these were outside would get watered by the great watering can in the sky.

Some are using the coir bricks. I could be way off, has happened before, but isn't that just compressed coir that you water to expand?

On a side note, I have plenty of pellets left when seeds just didn't do. I toss those in a container. On a pretty warm day I sit down with g-son (5) and we pop the coir/peat out of netting, and throw in a tub. This season I'll figure to add to any growing mixes I am using in the containers.

This just for discussion and perhaps what works for you.

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I do use peat and perlite all of the time for my mixes but I have had very little luck with peat pellets or peat pots. They are much better at killing plants than growing them. They just end up getting too much water and dampening off the seedlings.

I tried coir once, the bricks do expand quite a bit, but they stay wetter than peat moss and I had problems with them packing and not draining all that well unless a lot of perlite was added. I tend to over water so it just was not the best product for me. It could work well for other people who have more experience using it.

Hoewer, I do like coconut husks for orchids, they last for years and if I can find coconuts, they are usually free.

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I have never been able to use peat pots or pellets. I use coconut coir, from the bricks. Yes, expand it with (a lot) of water. By itself it would tend to stay too wet, but then I mix it with mushroom compost and rice hulls and it makes a nice potting mix.

As it turns out, I like it, but the main reason I use it is because the peat is basically mined and a non-renewable resource. New peat moss can be formed, but it takes a long time.

I try to minimize harm I do to the planet. Since I go through a lot of potting soil in a season, part of that is developing a sustainable, eco-friendly potting mix. All my ingredients are basically agricultural by-products.

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