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Just got the new Pine Tree seed catalog!

Its really different with only prices on a small amount of seeds Example roma tomatoe seeds 35 seeds for $1.25. You can only buy that amount on all there seeds. There is no large amounts like a ounce. They really increased the varieties a lot. They even have a section on soap making! A spice and tea section ! 17 different sunflower seeds. I like the mixes they have which I plan on buying. Sunflower mixes radish mixes and many lettuce mixes! Great catalog!

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Stokes and HPS catalogs ..

. arrived pre-Thanksgiving, too.



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I have already started my list from the online catalogs. The hardest part is paring it down to what I can actually use.

There were a lot of crop failures this year, some of the seeds especially the kale is already on back order.

I have curly kale in the garden and it is nearly a year old, but it has never bloomed for me. It may need to see a winter before it blooms so maybe it never will.

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I have always liked Pinetree, due to the fact that they have those small packets for great prices, and most larger packets have far too many seeds for most of us to use before they aren't viable any longer. Some of the catalogs are getting way overpriced, and that's before I even look at some of the ridiculous shipping charges for just a few seed packets! But then, I just toss those into recycling!

So far, I've gotten at least a dozen seed catalogs, but only kept 3 (I think?).

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