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Special Late Tomatoes

I have not mastered the "when to start seeds for fall production" thing yet. So this year I decided to start June 1 and plant some seed on first and middle of each month. I did not get to it until June 2 but had a great helper. My son and his family spent some time with us at the lake. 3 1/2 year old Ben always gets up before his brother (and everyone else). My plan each morning was to be ready with an activity for Ben and Poppa until the others were up.

So, on the morning of June 2 we (he) planted some Fantastic and Better Boy tomatoes. It was a treat for both of us. He must have done a good job as they are already up


This batch will be special
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Re: Special Late Tomatoes

How precious! And he will see them growing every time he visits, and eventually get to taste tomatoes that HE started. :D
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