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Garlic cloves germination

So I just need to make sure; 5cm deep, 20cm apart, and leave it unpeeled. Am I missing something? By the way, is it the right time to plant it now? It's really warm where I live.

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What you are missing is that garlic is a cool weather crop. It should have been planted in the fall. Planted now, the plant will mature too rapidly once the soil warms up, and you will end up with very small garlic cloves or none, just a small bulb, something like a garlic flavored green onion.

Here's an article about growing garlic in warm climates. It is talking about Southern gardeners, meaning the south of US, but same would apply to your warm climate: ... Guide.html

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Yep, plant it about 1-2 months before the first frost! Harvest when the tops start to die back, about 1/3, the following spring or summer.

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