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Re: Starting Huckleberries from Seeds

mafokken wrote:I have one idea/tip for starting huckleberries. (And other seeds.)

Instead of waiting and watching the dirt, hoping they will finally sprout, I actually started my huckleberry seeds in a mason jar with a moist paper towel. You know, like when you did in elementary school. This allowed me to watch the seeds sprout because huckleberries take longer to sprout.

Also, since I had the lid on loosely, I didn't have to water them all the time since the paper towel stayed moist.

Starting them in normal dirt didn't work. The pH of my dirt might have been to far one way or the other.

Once the seeds sprouted leaves, I transferred them to some old potting mixture that came with the poinsettia plant we had from Christmas. So it was kind of similar to vermiculite.

They are growing pretty good now.

(Now I kind of do the same thing with other seeds. I start a few in the mason jar and plant the rest in cups of dirt. That way I can get a general idea of when the ones in the dirt should start poking out. This also gives me something to watch instead of just staring at the dirt. It's so fun to watch the little roots growing and reaching!)
I have to laugh about this because we actually have Huckleberries growing wild out back in the bush! I've never heard of starting them from seed!

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Re: Starting Huckleberries from Seeds

I love this post. I do have huckleberry seeds, I have never even seen a huckleberry plant. So, I need all the help I can get on getting them started!
Thanks for the tip...
I have tomatoes up not to first leaf, but under grow lights now! Peppers still nothing...
Would you say Huckleberries are as slow as peppers? Or worse?
All info appreciated.
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