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Re: Planted outdoors! YAY!

Applestar, after reading your post this morning I'll have to go check my compost again today. It has been a frozen block every time I check it in the past.

Maybe I'll be able to get some "chunks" moving

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I get exciting reading other people's posts. It motivates me. We've got some indoor starts, cool weather crops planted outside and we are in the process of tearing out an old bush (I sort of hate to see it go- I don't like tearing down plants, but it is really the only good place to put the circle garden and my husband hates it when he is mowing). Then we will prepare the soil for the circle garden ( I think this will take awhile as we have to get the roots from the bush out- oh dear not sure how great it will produce this year, but my 9 yr. old has his heart set on us using his garden plan). I find I am feeling antsy though and am ready to just put it all out there... don't worry I am holding myself back (but just barely). :lol:

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