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Bottle necks and log jams

In the whole process of seed starting, seed to in ground, what are your log jams?
I have about 10 pellet trays (10/12 pellets) going at any one time, plus a few in the frig, and this is 12 month. They are all in different stages from nada to needing up potted to 4". So I get them potted, put in flats (12 per). Then what?! An inside shelf area usually is sufficient, but it is getting backed up! Outside temps remain cold this winter, so little outside play time for the babies. Arghhh!!
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Re: Bottle necks and log jams

Yup, too many of too much! :) The log jam seems to come for me a little later in the season. Once things are up-potted in to the 3" pots, they take up a lot of room. Then if it doesn't warm up quickly enough in early spring (which is another way of saying I started too soon :) ), I start running out of space to put plants. The exit to the deck where things go for hardening is through the office. The office floor ends up covered in trays of plants, all the things that went out in the day but had to come back in at night or were out yesterday, but today it is too cold again, so they end up staying in for a few days waiting for it to warm up again. The trouble then is as soon as they went out on the deck the first time, I filled up the empty spaces under the lights with other stuff, that had been waiting to be potted up. So then when they have to come back in, there is no space left under the lights to move them back to. So they sit on the floor in the office with a floor lamp shining on them. Not a great solution, but gets them through as long as it doesn't go on too many days.

I'm on a slightly earlier schedule this year than some times. 2014 is predicted to be a new hottest year on record globally. Of course you never know what that means for your particular location. But I'm guessing that even though it is very cold right now, spring may come early.
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