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Spinach bloomsdale long standing seeds

Is it true that [spinach bloomsdale long standing]'s seeds' ideal germination temperature is 50 degrees?
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Re: Spinach bloomsdale long standing seeds

Yes, spinach is a cool weather crop. Optimum SOIL temperature is 50 degrees F. It will actually germinate quicker at 60 degrees, but your percent germination will be somewhat lower. Much above 60 degrees, the percent of germination starts to drop dramatically. So consider between 50 and 60 degrees what you are aiming for.

Spinach: soil temperature 32 degrees 83% germination (63 days to germinate ); 41 degrees 96 %(23 days); 50 d 91% (12 days); 59 d 82% (7 days); 68 d 52% (6 days); 77 d 28% (5 days); 86 d 32% (6 days); 95 d 0% germination

(degrees Farenheit)
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