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starting seeds in solo cups?

Hi everyone, I have yet another question on seed staring. I am getting ready to start some more veggie seeds to put out about memorial day which is the safest date around here after last frost. I am going to start some cucumbers, zucchini, and pumpkins. I want to know if I can just start the seeds right in solo cups ( 16 oz. I believe) or do I have to start them in the smaller seed cells and up pot? Is their any advantages or disadvantages either way? These are the last seeds I will be starting.

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Re: staring seeds in solo cups?

Those you mentioned can be started in the larger cups. Many plants need to be transplanted once to ensure good root growth, but those vine crops will do OK since they should be started just a few weeks before planting outside. Be sure to punch drain holes in the bottom of the cups.
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Re: starting seeds in solo cups?

I do all my seeds in solo clear plastic cups. My starters are little 5oz. cups-tomatoes & peppers go in them, as well as any herbs & flowers. Then I pot them up into 10oz, then 16 & 20oz- all clear so I can monitor root growth. I use an old woodburner tool to make 3 holes around the bottom edge- that is a winter chore! They sometimes last for more than one use- it depends how much direct sunlight they are exposed to. I find them very satisfactory, and inexpensive. To contain them, I scrounge plastic trays from garden centers- the ones that hold 3" cactus are perfect.

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