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decorative landscaping flowers and plants - seed starting

Hey all - I'm a newbie, but doing great with my veggie seed starting. We live in Atlanta. I want my non-veggie decorative garden beds long the front of my house to be full of life and pretty foliage. We haven't gotten the hang of that yet, but each year, we buy whatever flowers they are featuring at garden centers, buy a bunch, and stick them in the ground. They die in winter - repeat.

On occasion, I see those year-round type greenery that come back each year for sale - I love that kind of stuff - but each plant can be expensive.

So now that I'm into seed starting - I figured I might be able to grow my own. I don't actually have any preference as to what I put out there. I would just like something that is somewhat low maintenance and comes back each year, or adds longer-term beauty to my gardens.

Any ideas on some plants and flowers I might try to start given my Atlanta location?

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Re: decorative landscaping flowers and plants - seed startin

Flowers that I have grown from seed are different types of daisies, echinacas, columbine, lupine, & foxglove. They are all pretty easy and look nice.

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Re: decorative landscaping flowers and plants - seed startin

There are options too numerous to mention! Your climate similar to ours (Memphis), so perhaps can offer suggestions.
Is the bed against the house? curb area? sun, shade, partial?
Do you have any shrubs along the house? Evergreen depending on sun/shade could be azaleas, boxwoods, nandinas etc.
Flowers? Do you want pretty flowers (annuals) the growing season (now through October), or the perennials that come back but bloom times usually 6 -8 weeks. Or use some green plants such as hostas and ferns?

Just some thoughts

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