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I kllled my maters!

I had started my maters and peppers and some Basil. Ther were a little stringy and they needed moved outside to get them to growing right.
They were all in 6 pod trays and were about 3 inches tall. I had them in a tub about 20 gallons. and put clear plastic over the top. NO ventilation sencee it had stayed cool lately. It got to 80 degrees and torched them.
Now I will start over at the correct time and see what happens.

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I am sorry.
Been there, done that too! :roll:

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It has happened to me too. It's a sucky feeling.

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Yea I killed my 2 beefsteak,2mortgage lifters, and my store bought and hand harvested seeds. I also had started 10 sugar baby melons, and 10 crimson sweet watermelons. The ones that didnt get broke over I accidently forgot too water once and they dried up. Ive moved on too a Crawfish/water garden and my blackberry bushes. I'm still not advanced enough for maters. I'm probably going too ease into growing louisiana iris sometime in the near future.

just keep trying, I know the feeling :(

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Don't feel bad. Every body does something like that sooner or later. I planted some young basil plants, cilantro and parsley in pots outside. I also had some rosemary, thyme and sage that had survived the winter. We had several days of warm temps with cool but not frosty nights. On a Saturday we went out to dinner with a bunch of family and friends (it was my big 60th birthday) We did not get home until 9:30. The temps had dropped and a hard frost was predicted. I grabbed an old sheet and draped it over my plants. I should have moved them to the patio. Too much celebratory wine not to mention I was in a dress and heels. Oh well. Early the next morning I removed the sheet. -wall- The frost had settled on the sheet and because the sheet was touching the plants the upper leaves and stems on my basil were mush. Fortunately all as not lost. I pinched back the damaged foliage and stems. It took a couple of weeks but the plants are pushing new growth. What is really dumb is that I had a couple of tomato ccages right next to my potted herbs. If I had pushed them into the pots before draping the sheet it would not have touched the plants.

There are times when I think there should be a dumb ass forum. G belongs to a bass fishing club. They have a banquet every January and hand out a dumb ass award. This year the award went to a guy who forgot to put the drain plug in. Almost sank his boat. G got it last year thanks to me. He has a kill switch attached to his life vest. I inadvertently moved his life vest and the switch pulled out. His engine would not start. He finally flagged down another boater and had the boat towed back to the landing, cursing a blue streak the entire time. When he got back to the landing he started tossing stuff out of the boat. :eek: There is the kill switch dangling from his life vest. Good thing it was not a tournament.

Oh well - we all have our moments.

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