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seed soaking

I just read something about soaking watermelon seeds in milk before planting. has anyone tried this? seems based on what was said, it would work for other seeds (I.e. melons). Anyone know about this. Ihave done my own seed starting for years but have never soaked them before putting in planting cells in flats. Will this also show me if seeds are viable?

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I had not heard of this before, but apparently soaking some seeds (that have a hard shell) in milk, or a mix of milk and water, for a day or two, softens the shell so that the seeds can germinate quicker. It is the acid (lactic) in the milk that accomplishes this. It does not germinate the seed, but assists in the germination....

Apparently scarifying (nicking the hard shell with a knife?) is also helpful, and may assist in the soaking process.

I'll have to try this next time I do pumpkin seeds.....


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