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Seed start collection

This is what I have started, in varying stages. My space is micro, I use the 10 -12 peat pellet trays then up to 4", a couple go larger. Some varieties have 2 - 3 stages going by now.

Basil green
garlic chives
dill (direct in pots, trying again with it!)
salad burnet
anise hyssop
Baptisia (false indigo)
coneflower -native purple, Tennessee and some 'off the shelf'
and others I can't think of!

As some of these get moved through the system, and can spend more time outside, will be starting more summer annuals (colored cotton, cucumber leaf sunflower, straw flower, zinnia and always more basil of varying varieties.

Yes, eclectic, but there is a method to the madness. Some are for fresh cut for market (some of the basil), some to just grow, some to sell starts, some playing with native species, some fit in the 18th c herb bed, some with help from g-son etc.
Have fun!

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Nice collection! Some are old favorites for me (growing three kinds of basil this year) and some (e.g. madder) I've never grown, but it should be interesting for you.
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