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Pepper Seeds not sprouting

Hello all!

I started my seedlings 7 days ago and My chives, scallions, and lemon mint have all poked their little heads above the surface. My jalepenos and california wonder peppers have not and I'm a little scared. Do you think they need more time or do I need to find a heat mat?

If I do have to start over, should I plant new pepper seeds or can I just apply heat to the ones I already planted.

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Hi Noob! Don't give up on those peppers yet! They do generally take longer than other seeds to sprout, and a heating pad will speed things up. (Make sure you take plants that have already sprouted off of the pad.) If they've been cold and damp and you're worried they won't come up start a few more, just in case. Some of the purple beauty bell pepper seeds I sowed 2/19 started coming up 3 days ago, even on the heat pad. :)

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Somehow this post showed up twice and was responded to in each location. I will therefore lock this particular thread and refer everyone to the other thread, also located here in "Seed Starting" Land. :)

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