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Late February Chicago - Too Late to Start Seeds?

I live in the chicagoland area and am wondering if it is too late to start my seeds. The normal stuff tomatoes, peppers,brocoli,beams. Thanks

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Re tomatoes, peppers, broccoli, beans.

You are talking about starting indoors under lights?

The broccoli is a cool weather crop, cold hardy and frost tolerant, but doesn't do well once it gets hot. It is a little late for starting it, but you could still give it a try.

The rest are warm weather things, that don't tolerate frost, but like the warm weather. The peppers you should start now, because they are slower. The tomatoes it might still be just a tad early. I just planted my tomato seeds yesterday, but my average last frost date is probably a week earlier than yours.

Beans are usually planted directly in the ground, after all danger of frost is past and the soil is warmed up a little. Soak them overnight and then plant.

Check out the sticky at the top of this section for seed starting basics.

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. I am planting everything this weekend I would say that now is the time to start everything . The cole crops you can start now in a cold frame.Lettuce start in a cold frame. I still have another week to plant tomatoes and peppers in my greenhouse. You have 9 weeks till may and we don't put tomatoes out till may 20th in pa. same as you I think!Make some cold frames now you will really do good with them!

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