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getting ready to start my seedlings

well after a year break we are giving it a try again.

so it is soon time to start our seedlings.

I have managed to clean up our old starting area most of the way.

it be came a drop all for everyones junk over the vacant year.

still want to give it another good wipe down but at least the junk is gone.

My automatic timer no longer works and my electric cord suffered some damage for the lights but our son is coming over to re-wire it and to wire it directly into a light switch so I am hoping that will be done later today.

But like I said It has been a while since I have started any seeds so any advice on the best way to go about this will be appreciated.

PS. My 3 year old Grandson is very excited about helping..



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Re: getting ready to start my seedlings

Here is a great article about soaking seeds before planting them. ... -seeds.htm

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