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Herbs and fertilizer

I am pretty new to indoor gardening. My first round went really well just sowing the seeds in peat pellets and then transplanting. I then planted new seeds around the transplants, just to fill in. I accidentally used my fertilizer bottle instead of my plain water. Anyone know if this is going to affect the growth of the new seeds compared to the health of the old ones?

I'm using sea magic fertilizer.

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The sea magic I think is organic and not too concentrated so should be OK. I couldn't find an NPK ratio for it, but I think it is higher in Phosphorus, which encourages flowering and fruiting.

Herbs are used to growing in lean soils. The more you water and fertilize them the more you get big leafy tasteless plants. For culinary herbs where you want to have good flavor, keep them as lean and dry as you can.
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ya i've started a chart so i know which herbs need X amount of water compared to the vegetables/fruits im growing. As a beginner i think this will help me learn and keep conscious of which ones to water daily and which to leave alone a little more.

Thank you for your reply!

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Just FWIW, I am trying more 'different' herbs, plants and native species from seed. It is a learning curve, often with less than desired results. Even with common ones, say dill, parsley, I have been too lean on fertilizing the babies. Once somewhat established, most do better in a lean soil, but I am thinking a gentle nudge is needed early on.

The full lush starts one gets at the garden center and box store have been fed well. I am trying for a mid range feed. If little or no feeding, don't grow, too much not healthy!

I do the fish every 2 -3 weeks when doing the basil etc. Now have added MG liquid, diluted once/week or so. Trial and error, I am great at both.
Have fun!

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