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Just ordered seeds

I ordered my tomato seeds from Johnny's Seed today. Decided on Brandwine, Black Cherry, New Girl and Green Zebra. 3 packs at $3.95 one at $3.45 - $6.75 regular shipping. 30 to 40 seeds per pack. Eric - hope these folks really do good seed. Kind of $$. Went with your recommendation for non genetically altered seed. I really am a little nervous because none of these varieties are recommended by LSU Ag Center. Hope I am not shooting myself in the foot.

For safety sake I will plant some traditional varieties - Better Boy, Big Boy, Early Girl, Celebrity. One each just to make sure I have SOME maters. I really am excited about trying these new and different varieties. If they do well I will share the news with my MG friends. I REALLY hope to get some decent production.

:clap: spring is nearer than you think -especially in the south :!:

The first of January and I am looking for spring in 6 to 8 weeks. Absolutlely LOVE living in the deep south. You there Gumbo and Natural? We are seriously blessed with our growing season. Of course heat, humidity and mosquitoes can be the bain of my existance. When I start crying in the summer remind me how blessed I am over winter.

Thank you ALL for your friendly, caring, knowledgeable input.
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I guess your fishing seAson starts early too! iTS REALLY COLD HERE IN pA. AND LOTS OF SNOW. mY GREENHOUSES ARE COVERED WITH ICE! Keep up the good work!
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Living in the south is awesome isn't it! :D I love the warm weather here. And I'm real grateful for it too. Especially since I lived in NY at one point too. Way too cold for me. I can deal with heat a lot better then cold.
I'm going to try some new plants this year too. Last year all I did was tomato's cucumbers and peppers. But since I'm making my garden bigger I have a ton more room to plant more stuff! :D
I hope to do some tigger melon if I can find some darn seeds. :P I also hope to do squash, peas, okra, and some kind of root plant. like potato's or carrots. :D I cant wait!
I hope you have good luck this year as well! :)

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OMGS! thank you! thank you! thank you! :D

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I grew the black cherries, they are pretty early. They grew ok here, no idea how well they will grow where you are at.

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I've had pretty good luck with Seeds from this place >> seedsnow

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