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seed starting soil or seed pellets? Best with heat mat?

I just got my hydrofarm seedling heat mat with the hydrofarm thermostat in the mail today. I bought a small burpee greenhouse plastic container to start some super hot pepper seeds.

I was wondering what is best to use for starting these seeds with the container and the mat and thermostat? Should I use the pellets, or would it be better to use the mix?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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IMO use a mix in starter cells or gang start multiple seeds in a plastic pot. You can use used butter/sour cream/cream cheese containers.. be sure to make holes on the bottoms. The peat pellets are frowned upon, though many people do utilize them successfully .

Perhaps, if you are starting a few seeds pellets may be the way to go, but you will need to up pot sooner or later. To me the peat pellets dry real quick, and its a PITA to remove the plastic wrapping at up pot time, without damaging the roots.

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