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Early Corn

I tried starting early corn this year for the first time. I bought the small packs of seed kinda like what you get at wal-mart, the little 1 dollar packs. Well so far I only have a few that have sprouted up out of 5 packs. My real question I guess is more of a concern. My Mom wants to plant peaches and cream corn and I found the packs like the early corn. I haven't planted it yet of course. My question is should I try to find an inocculant for it or do you not use inocculant for corn? I have read a lot on using it for beans so I thought I would ask about using it for corn. If it is a good idea what kind should I use cause I cant find any. Only for beans and few others. My early corn could have not come up for several reasons I was trying to maybe rule out seed rot. Any help for a relative newby would be helpful thank you.

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Re: Early Corn

Inoculants are for legumes- peas, beans, etc.
The soil temperatures may be too cold for the corn to germinate yet so give it a little more time.

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