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When to start from seed?

I'm up here in Maine and I got some Bilberry and Boysenberry seeds and I didn't know when to start them. Should I start them extra early compared to veggies? I don't know when. I've had them in the freezer for a couple of months to stratisy.

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Not something I ever tried, they are usually started from seedlings/ cloned canes. But if you just have the seeds in the freezer (like in a baggie or envelope), that does not count as cold stratifying. Dry freezing they just stay frozen and dormant. What you want is to plant them in a pot/flat of moist potting soil. Then wrap the whole thing in plastic to hold the moisture in. Put it back in the top part of your frig, not freezer. For the cold stratifying, it wants to be just above freezing, like 35 -40 degrees. It needs to be in the cold moist soil for 6 weeks or so. Then you can bring it out and plant it.

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