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When to remove from bags ?

I've started my seeds in ziploc bags and would like to know when should I remove the plants from the bags ? They have started to grow squash is about 3 inches tall. Peppers haven't sprouted yet.



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Interesting idea to start in baggies, and apparently it's working too. I can see it holding the soil moist, but what about air circulation? Any troubles with that.

Seems that transplanting into a larger container when the time comes would be much easier. I would start to give it circulation this giving it a stronger suporting vine.

Cleaver idea, I may want to try this come March.

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That IS an interesting idea.
Make sure you are giving them plenty of light though, since growth of new seedlings by height can be misleading.

I would transplant the squash on the early side. The bag isn't going to provide very much support and these easy to snap types, especially if lanky seedling, can be difficult to handle/manage. At first true leaf for sure. How long until you can plant the squash outside?

Now JIK -- IF you had started the seeds in ziplock bags with moistened paper towel only -- 3 inches would be too long. Seeds started this way should be planted in soil as soon as the radicle (tip of the root) breaks out of the seed.

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I do something similar but the zip bags will work the same way! Early spring when the soil is cold and germination takes over a week or more I put lettuce in a box or bucket of soil in the house. After 3 to 4 days I simply pour the soil in a outside row and it has already sprouted!
You can do that with almost any seed. Peas work greatthat way!The advantage is also the dirt or potting mix has no weeds and the seeds start nice without any weeds in the row till they get going on their own! I do this in a cold frame also by pour the stated seeds in the cold frame then add another amount on top the seed started mix! If you can gain ywo weeks on the season that makes a difference especially with Brussle Sprouts or onion seeds! I like the zip bag idea and may use it for seeds thatI may only have a dozen to plant! Planting a sprouted seed and seeing the plant emerge the next day is exciting!
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