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Can Weeds Prevent my Seeds From Germintating?

I Planted Some radish in the ground, and I've noticed that the field is infested with weeds, will this prevent my seeds from germinating? or not?

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I don't know about germinating but they will cause problems for seedlings. They will steal moisture and nutrients from them. You should take out all the weeds or you might not get your radishes to grow.

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Radish would probably germinate within a week since you probably are not experiencing extremely cold weather.

Once they come up in a neat row (if you sowed the seeds that way) or scattered -- looking all the same -- you can take out any weeds that are not radish as well as thin the seedlings as they germinate. At the very least keep the leaves from overlapping.

Weeds that are too close may need to be cut rather than pulled so as not to disturb the desirable seedlings. Weeders/hoes with sharp cutting edge works well, but you can also use an old kitchen or steak knife as well.

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