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Scarifying seeds?

Hello, I have a question on seed scarification. Well, how do you do it? I need to scarify my mimosa tree seeds to get them to grow. Can I just cut a little slit in the seeds?


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I had some Nasturtiums seeds and they are pretty hard and tough. What I did was took the seed in my hand and gently rubbed it on the concrete to file away at it. But be very careful you don't go too deep and expose the soft seed in the inside. About 2 seeds I did it too much and the little soft seed was exposed but they still did sprout.

Also I have seen people just do a little nic into the seed like you were saying.

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I usually just rub it with sandpaper a bit and then soak in water overnight.
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Oh Nice, I wanted to ask this question, as my friends pomegranate seeds took her about a month to germinate
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