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New with TPS

I've had my nose pressed to the screen door when ever Tom Wagner has written about TPS (true potato seed), for a few years of lookin' on.

Of course all the things he's written about not doing I did. My tps could only be started late, May & June were uber wet, so plantletts went to field late in June.

On a plus note; tps made a vigorous plant. which made many 'new potato' sized russet spuds, and an uncountable number of really tiny spudletts. On a less good note, almost no next crop of (more) tps.

I'm going to have to hope that deeply buried spudletts will over-winter thickly mulched in to feild here in SE-OH (z-6a). I will also be buying some more tps from Tom, but would like to see if this russet will grow better from clonal plantation.

My goal if it can be attained, is an annual crop of both tps and spuds. If I gets what I wants, I'll have spuds to eat and tps for some of the seed fairies like Trudi Davidoff...
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