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chilling seeds

I have a question on chilling seeds before planting. I received my comfrey seeds, and it is suggested to chill. I am thinking these are fresh (this season's) seeds as packet has stamped 'Packed for 2012'. From the packet:

"Sow in cool soils of early spring, with germ in 30 days as soil warms up. Another dependable method is to give 30 days refrigeration in moist soil in a sealed plastic bag or glass jar and then sow in the garden or in pots"

Have any of you put seeds in soil in a bag in frig? Or do you just put seed packet in frig?
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the seeds need moist soil contact and cool to go through the stratification process. just putting the seeds dry in the fridge wont do anything. the easiest thing to do is just plant in the early spring like the package said.
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Seeds have (acording to Michael Dirr) 'inhibitors' to get the seed started in the right season.

Your seed packet is advising you that a moist cool period will enhance germination.

The easiest system is to cooperate with mother nature and let her run the thermostat and watering.

Dirr is one of the tree geeks who writes about this sort of stuph. His Manual Of Woody Plants is one of my major fall-backs when I have tree questions.
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