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Incubating seed

I recieved an incubator for Mothersday, and have been hatching eggs in it. It crossed my mind that it would work for stating seed. Has anyone ever tryed this? Anyway I plan on trying it out this December with tomatoes, and peppers :D .

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With eggs or plants what came first the seed of the plant? I think it will work great!

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I think I'd want eggs in a incubator.

If I won powerball next week, I'd like a bigger propaqgating terrarium with a timer for sprayed water and a heating element underneath.

Thank you Santa...

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I'd try it out with about 10 seeds and see what happens.

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I'm not sure exactly what your incubator is like, but they are usually totally enclosed, right? Too hold the heat in and all... But totally enclosed is not so good for seedlings once they have sprouted. Tends to make it a humid environment since you have to keep the soil moist. Then you get damping off/ fungal problems. Does it have lights? Is it easy to access for watering?

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