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I followed the directions on how to plant cherry pits and wow did I get small cherry trees. my question will they be the northstar cherry or something else and I need to thin out some of these can I put them in small containers until I can get area ready for transplanting.

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if they are all in the same container divide them up while young and put them in there own pots.

since the cherries were from seed chances are you wont get the same cherry. I doubt you get some cherries that are uneatable though.

another thing to take note is that cherries from seed will grow to standard height( full size ) which for cherries I think is somewhere around 50-70ft. depending on conditions.

you can also use them for rootstock for grafting good cherries onto if the seeds fruit isnt that great.

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Based on my own grow outs prunus and pyrrus grow close enough to true-to-type children to be worth your trial.

A few will be spitters, most will be about like the mother, once inna great while the children will be better than the parent(s).

Cherry plum and peach are more precocious (make fruit faster) than apple can be.

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