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Starting Zinnia seeds

I bought some Zinnia seeds! I'm going to start them indoors. You think I could use plastic jello shot cups as my seed starter? I have a ton left over from halloween :) Thanks!

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You can use anything that holds dirt.
Poke a hole in the bottom of them and put them in your platic trays.
If frost is no longer a problem in your area you could probably just plant them outside.
Put them in well drained soil.
Fertilize once a month.
Full sun.

They are a very pretty flower.
Won first prize at the county fair with them.

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That would be great, as Johnny said any medium will work.

Best way to do it is let them go to seed in your garden and wait until next year. Let's just say my garden will be rather hectic this year with all the volunteers of this and that. :lol:

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