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When broadcasting seeds... sure to separate them with your fingers as you sow.

I asked my DD9 if she wanted to help *scatter* vetch seeds where I intend to sow corn in two weeks since I prepped the bed already. She said sure, so I gave her a handful of seeds, then watched :shock: as she TOSSED the seeds up in the air in a juggler's toss, and the seeds went up, then down, in a clump, with hardly any deformity in the formation, and land enmasse on the ground.... :roll:

Let me tell you, juggler's toss does NOT SCATTER seeds. :wink:

You could plainly see the difference between where I walked along, sprinkling the seeds by working them out of my closed hand vs. DD's toss. :lol:

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I guess you could describe my broadcasting of seed similar to walking backward throwing a Frisbee. :) I can't juggle. :lol:


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I can fully admit I've never tossed seeds anywhere! but, I do tend to dig little holes first, and then dump a few seeds in the hole out of the bag. I don't think it's a good idea for me to do that next year- too many came up and now I have to thin them out! I feel like I wasted a bunch of seeds :/

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DD9 would have been just fine it those were rose petals she was "scattering" :wink: .

My techniques: Frisbee toss works well, especially if you've got lots of ground to cover. You can also do the same as most of us do when scattering seed in a row: off the fingers of an open hand, but from a height of a few feet.

Finally, there is the "dart throw." . . . pinch . . . toss . . . pinch . . . toss . . . then whack 'em with the rake!


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