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Going from indoors to out doors

I have a bunch of stuff that I started early and was thinking about planting it in my raised beds with a hoop house/ plastic covering. What exterior temperatures would you suggest that I wait for? We are finally approaching a period where the highs are in the upper 40’s to lower 50’s and the nights are in the mid to upper 30’s.

Is it too soon? (And yes, the snow is gone, even in the shady areas of my yard)

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Will you be able to supply heat to your hoop house? If not, you probably need to wait until the freeze-free date for warm season veggies (toms, peppers, eggplants, etc.). If it's pretty much sealed, and you can run a couple of 100 watt bulbs in it if a very cold night is forecast, they would probably survive 26 degrees or so.


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