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Thinning it out some

So on the good news side six of my seven pots have life in them(lavender hasn't germinated but thats to be expected). My scarlet runner is currently growing its way up an old chopstick and its going to out grow that within the next few days it seems.

Only problem is it seems I was careless with one of the lobelia as therse 34 sprouts in one potXD I'm going to let them grow some more and then thin out the weaker stalks, question is how many should I think it down too? Its crystal palace Lobliea.

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I think you're going to want more than a single lobelia plant in each container. Five to nine seeds per cell or starting pot is fairly standard, I think.

If you want to try to keep most of the additional plants, rather than killing them, you might let them all grow until the roots fill the container, then remove the root ball and, using a sharp knife, cut it into 4 sections. Plant each section in its own pot. You may lose a few of the plants, but you should be able to retain most of them that way. :)

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FC, depending on the plant and type, lobelia likes to be clumped together.

My husband loves flowers, I don't really care for them but I grow them for him because he enjoys their beauty. He enjoys lobelia especially when there are a lot of them in one pot. And the lobelia never seems to care how tight they are growing together.

I would go with kisal's advice before thinning. You never know, they may not like to be thinned out.

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