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Try 1.5 aspirin to 2 gallons of water:

Vinegar seems to be good for just about everything, but I couldn't find anything online to support it helping seed germination.

My soil is just a touch basic, so it would probably help me. This might be good for several plants with different concentrations in each one.

I've heard of using milk one time on peppers, but as it will likely sour, that's one I'd use outside.

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Any result Mad Scientist?


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Starting seeds

Try a little Epsom Salts in water

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You might want to try it again by planting the seeds in potting mix that is saturated with each solution, then water each variable with the same amount with that specific solution. Have each solution the same concentration. Keep all other conditions the same, such as temp, time when watered, light.Let us know what happens.

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Hey GRN, any luck? I am curious as to how it is progressing?

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I think the hoophouse GardenRN and friend is building collapsed and they are trapped underneath eating seeds to survive. :shock:

Hope to hear something soon.


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