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rainbow, I just wish I had a basement to do what you do!

I have a lot of seeds planted. You guys are horrible at the itchy cabin fevered person. Oh spring, please come soon!

Most of my peppers have sprouted. Next year, I will be seeding in Jan.

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Love basements! Our house would be so much more crowded and less useful without it. Our basement houses my seed starting operation, a tool/ work bench, a computer/desk (for the third computer), all the camping equipment, a chest freezer for the extra veggies, the collection of paint and supplies, crafting supplies, games, extra canned/paper goods, laundry sink for dirty clean up, my honey's immense collection of music equipment and instruments, exercise gear, a TV/lounge area, apt size frig and microwave for snacks with the TV (thus defeating the purpose of the exercise equipment! :? ) and a half bath. If we put a shower in, you could live down there!

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