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How Much Does Your Seed Starting Set-up Cost? FIND OUT!

OK, I've wondered about this and tried to figure it out in my head, but thought this would be easier. You can find out for yourself with this [url=]Electricity Usage Calculator[/url]

For the wattage, add up the watts of each bulb of your lighting set-up.

I know gardening is a hobby and doesn't have to be scrutinized to thoroughly......but it's interesting to know!

I'm at about $1.63 per month.

How about you?

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the sun is free for me. 8)

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I'm Just a hair over 3 bucks hmmm remove tv from living room save 120.00 add more lights lol

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I'm at $2.90 a week. In a few more weeks three additional light shelves will be activated for peppers, eggplants and various flowers. By mid March some things will go into my unheated greenhouse and others moved to the sun porch so lights will be put away for another year.

Over the years I've invested a considerable amount of money in my gardening obsession. But compared to my retired friends who golf, boat or enjoy continual libations, gardening is a bargain. In addition, it provides healthy food and good exercise and surely is good for the body, mind, and soul.

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Location: ohio definitely have the right idea! I'd love to eventually move up to a greenhouse so I could grow more plants in larger containers.

1 light costs me about $4 for the season until I plant out. so, doing the math...10 lights which would handle 360 4in. pots would run me $40 for the season. Now, that's not outrageous...but I'm sure there's a cheaper way (greenhouse).

How much did yours cost to build?

VK, like you said, gardening is our hobby, so it isn't necessary to pinch every penny possible. I still like to save a buck wherever I can though :wink:.

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