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Seed Starting mix Organic Choice 2 cubic feet

I am getting ready to buy two bags of seed starting mix. I came across Organic Choice by Miracle Grow at Big Lots . It was 2 cubic feet for $8! It was spagham and natural compost! I usuallyget something at Wal Mart for about the same price. What do you recommend and the pricing? I put this on top of a mix at the bottom cosisting of strained garden soil! I will be adding different things below the garden soil this year to tes new things like a 3 inch compost mix then the garden soil a layer of sand with my seeds on top of the sand and a few inches of this Organic choice! I put out about 40 - 12 inch by 16 inch 6 inch deep boxes and don't want to spend too much so I use the soil!

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