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Keep it up guys and gals and maybe soon we will have an "under cover" gardening section. GHs, Hoop houses, Cold Frames, Row covers.

Even though I've only harvested maybe a dozen toms and a head of lettuce from my ghetto GH, I'm glad I built it. No way could I be thinking of starting 4,000 plants inside my house this winter/spring!


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I was wondering about the raised beds you have your seed beds sitting on. Are these filled with top soil or just any type of fill you have around. What type of lumber are you using for the bed frames? We have had a green house for my wife's plants for years. I would like to try and use the floor space to raise winter veggies.

The beds initially filled with 50/50 sand and compost. Now they have a little potting mix and peat and...

I'm using Douglas fir, most common found in our lumber yards.

I tried different types of water heat storage and found it not to be much help. So I removed it all and install raised beds.


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