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Need Advice, Seed Starter mini green house kit.

I've just signed up to ask how to care for my new little seed starter greenhouse I bought at Bunnings. I have filled up the 24cells with camamile seeds 5mm deep and gently soaked them (hopefully just enough)
I have now closed the lid and two air vents and set it on my kitchen window which faces south having the morning sun come in, however tapering off after lunch with simple reflected indoor light there after.

I have no real idea as to the optiman or ever basic methods on how to raise seeds this way & would like very much some input & advice. I love the camamile plant. The one I have growing in a pot at the momement has yellow flowers without the white petals. I seem to get a very real calming affect when brewing 5 flowers in a hot cup a water for 10 or so minutes.

The plant I am growing now is the same but the flowers pictured on the seed packets have white petals with a yellow centre as aposed to the "all" yellow flower I brew now. I do hope the brew is as effective! I have some other questions about growing this wonderful plant, but will leave that for tomorrow.
Look forward to meeting some of you soon enough.
Cheers...Dave ;)

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PS...I planted quite a few seeds together in each cell as they were so tiny, at what hight do you recomend I should thin & how would I go about doing so...When to fertilize and should I just water down to seedling soloution? Thanks.

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I start a lot of stuff from seeds, but don't use the greenhouses so I don't have a lot of experience with them. Main thing is that as soon as your seeds have sprouted you want to get rid of the greenhouse part. And be very careful with watering. Way more seedlings are killed by too much water and humidity than too little.

Whatever potting soil type stuff they are planted in probably has fertilizer in it, so you shouldn't need to add anything at least until it has true leaves, maybe two pair of true leaves. Be sparing with fertilizer when you do start adding it, you don't want tall spindly growth.

I agree, chamomile is a lovely plant to grow! It also has anti fungal properties. I throw a bag of chamomile tea in the pitcher of water I have sitting around to water my seeds/seedlings with. Helps prevent damping off (fungus).

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