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Lots of habanero peppers

I've been making my own brand of hot sauce and pepper jelly with my abundance of habanero peppers I'm picking this year. Between last weeks take and what I've gotten so far this week, I've made 4 quarts of pepper sauce and 7 quarts of pepper jelly, and I found myself giving away about 40 habs to a couple of Hispanic workers at a home build near me earlier today.

When I got out in the garden in the late afternoon I saw where I have at least another 20 to pick tomorrow morning. I also have 4 Belgian Hot Wax plants that are putting out a pepper with the heat range near what you'd get from a jalapeno and I've been pickling them since the wife loves her nachos with mildly hot peppers on them and I'll eat a few of them in a good garden salad to kick it up a notch.

Our weather has finally swung a bit with cooler temperatures and less humidity in the immediate forecast. Hopefully, this is here to stay until summer rears its ugly head next year.

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