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Calamondin marmalade?

Does anyone cook with calamondins? Our new place has a bush but when my husband tried to make jam with them he never thought to taste the fruit. Or he thought the sugar would solve the taste problem. Whatever the reason we ended up with jars of seriously bitter marmalade, which I think I must throw out. Poor guy, he was so excited to make me jam.

I think the problem is partly that the bush is in shade and so sugars don't develop. I am going to move it to the sun but I am wondering if anyone successfully uses them.

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Re: Calamondin marmalade?

I tried to make a pie with calamondin. There is a recipe on the net, however, I did not like the taste of that either. Most people like calamonding when it is in the green stage, you use it to flavor water the way you would put lemon slices in a pitcher of water or you use it on noodles and stir fry... Filipinos make a dipping sauce with it.

I don't like mine very bitter, so mine are usually a lot riper and I make a version of calmondin ade with it.
Riper ones are juicier and sweeter than greener ones.

You could also use it like lemon on fish.

I have four trees. Three are in pots. They fruit year round so there is hardly anytime except maybe around Christmas that there isn't any. I only use a few, most I give away or trade for something else. I use some to clean the garbage disposal and for cleaning counters, plastic, waterspots on glass and my friend uses any kind of citrus mostly limes, but calamondin will work to wash her hair.
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